Easiest way of getting drivers for ur Ubuntu 7.10

Installation of Ubuntu 7.10 is just smooth enough for even a newbie like me to do without any help but the problem that pops up after installation is to get your devices to work up. Is there any common resource website where I can get all the drivers I will ever need for all of my hardware to work? During installation, there is an option to load from a driver cd, so is there any such driver cd ISO image available which I can download, burn n use?  The main problem with my hardware is that i don't have drivers for my ethernet as well as WLan so i cannot connect to internet in any way and update my system or get drivers. I am using my friends computer for posting in this forum! Please help me with my drivers! I am using a Broadcom mini Wlan card. I will post my whole specification soon!

My configuration

I am using Ubuntu 7.10 64 bit version and i need drivers for the following two hardare :-  1).nVidia Corporation MCP51 Ethernet Controler 2).Network Controller:Broadcom Corporation BCM94311MCG wlan mini-PCI    I  need them usrgently and please remember that I don't have any way to connect to internet!

having the same problem

I am having exactly the same problem as the poster.No problem in installing the operating system, but after installation nothing works and no way to find out how to get things to work.

Well solved the Broadcom wlan problem finally!

To get ur Broadcom Corporation BCM94311MCG wlan mini-PCI to work, u need to get two things :-  [1]Firmware Extracter-BCM43xx-fwcutter, which can extract and use ur firmware file for wlan driver and  then, [2] Firmware file is required, which can be used by enabling the fwcutter! This is the location where u can find ur firmware extracter - http://bcm43xx.berlios.de/  After getting ur firmware extracter, enable it and it will ask for ur firmware file. It will, infact, show u the url as well where u can download ur firmware file if u already don't have it. Get the firmware and just extract it with fwcutter. Bingo! U can use ur wlan now atleast!!!


that url is empty.

Sorry ... i should have checked it after posting!

Actually, you just need to search "bcm43xx-fwcutter" on Google and the very first website will be what I tried to direct you to. Tell me if you still are not able to get your wlan working.... I will try to help you further, if I can!