I tried to install kubuntu linux os and at a certain point,an error message appeared on the screen. Error-KDesktop:" the process for the file protocol died unexpectedly". And it hanged up there. Please what  do I do to solve this problem?

Same here

I've got this exact problem as well. I had a look around other forums and found it to be either:- konqueror trying to access the internet on a machine with no connection.- A large desktop/background picture. After connecting my machine to the net, error still occurs. The default background isn't going to do anything (But starting in VGA mode just produces a black screen after the kubuntu logo disappears).Machine is pretty old (550Mhz 192MB RAM) but runs XP fine and is one of those "Old reliable" computers that has never had a hardware fault in its long life.After this error occurs the machine displays a "Progress Dialog" box and still runs but at a speed that takes an hour to open the KDE menu.Not a linux expert so any advice is appreciated.