"expected NULL handler on exit"

I'm in Australia and I suffer from Ubuntu fog. I've downloaded both versions of the system but run into installation problems:

  • My machine runs Win XP

The boot takes but when it approaches the shell I get "hdc:ide_intr:huh?expected NULL handler on exit". And then I get: Buffer I/Oerror on device hdc , logical block ..." then i get a series of consecutive  numbers each time -- 0-7.I find it diffcult to comprehgend the Ubuntu language and have no idea what to do in res;ponse to this complciation. I'm sure there's a FAQ dealing with this but after touruing  afew other Ubuntu forums I cannot find ANSWERS. I'm hoping this is a forum I can relate to goevn my low geek status.If I can only install the thing I'd be able to learn how to use it....It's telling my machine has a few problems right? And this may mean I'm nbot going to use Ubuntu on it?dave riley

Expected Null Handler on Exit

I've actually encountered this error twice. The first was a bad CD and the second was a bad CD-ROM drive. In the latter issue, the error would appear for about 3 minutes before continuing and successfully completing the install. The fact that you've downloaded multiple versions and reencountered the issue is bit peculiar though. If you have or can borrow an extra CDROM drive for the install you can narrow down the issue to other IDE or SATA devices through the process of elimination. Do you get the same issue if you try to do a console-based install?