Experiences with Ubuntu 5.10

Since 3 days I'm using Ubuntu 5.10 nonstop now. The installation was easy without any problems. All hardware components on my laptop have been detected successfully.

The improvements to Ubuntu 5.04 make sense and are very useful. The look'n'feel generally is a little bit better, even though I still don't like the standard brown wallpaper.

I tried other brandnew distributions like SUSE 10.0 as well. But no distribution is as fast as Ubuntu 5.10 and has a comparable concept. I don't want to miss the apt thing with Synaptic, for example.

One thing that bothers me, is that Nautilus has no command line, where I can enter a path manually (like the KDE Konqueror). Is there a solution for that?

And I'd like to test klik, but it isn't in the multiverse and universe repositories yet, is it?


Restore the old location bar in Nautilus

There is a solution for your Nautilus problem:

Go to:
Applilcations->System Tools->Configuration Editor
and enable the checkbox under:

From now on you have the location bar in Nautilus to directly enter a path.

klik with Ubuntu

klik provides an easy way to download and use software for most major distributions. There are currently 3 distributions which have the klik client preinstalled: Kanotix, openSUSE (SLICK enhanced) and CPX-MINI.
klik is currently being prepared for use with Ubuntu as well. In future versions it will most probably be integrated.

How to install the klik client manually

It's just one command and very easy :)

Press Alt-F2 and paste
wget klik.atekon.de/client/install -O -|sh
in order to install the klik client.

On this website you'll find further information: http://klik.atekon.de/ubuntu.phh