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hi everybodyi just istalled ubuntu 6.10 on my acer 1692 WLMI on dual boot withwinxp i have a problem because my external usb sound card hercules gamesurround muse lt does not work with ubuntunote that the motherboard sound card is out of order so this external card is my only chance to hear some sounddoes anybody know how to fix this problem?

RE: external sound card

During the install if you had the external sound card attached the system would probably still default to the internal card. You can remedy this by going to System->Preferences->Sound and selecting the external card. If your external card is not an available option, crack open a terminal and run "lsusb" (no quotes) and check to see that the USB card is recognized. Linux support for external sound cards is still in its infancy, especially with the Muse. It seems the only linux users that have gotten it to work have had to completely disable all references to other sound cards to successfully get ALSA to recognize and use it. There are petitions to get this particular card to port drivers over to Linux due to it's difficulty to configure and use (see reference link below).


IF the card is listed in the system, check to see which driver is loaded for it with "lsmod | grep snd" and post back if you can. You might find that your internal sound card is still activated and all we need to do is switch the order in which the system uses them (giving preference to the external over the internal).

thanks you for your

thanks you for your interest. i did as you told me and after rebooting ubuntu it can play sounds allthought it cant  handle  two streems at a time. thanks again stay cool :-)

Step Two:

Great! Now you have sound, but the two sounds at once thing is a nuisance and may spoil your linux experience, so let's address that issue. What you need to do is activate something called "software mixing" for your external sound card.

If you are technically inclined, you can read a complex "howto" here: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-31418.html%2522***%253C/bloc...
OR here: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ticket/2558

Remember, the config portion of using Linux is something that only needs to be done correctly once, and you'll enjoy the open software experience 10x more if this stage is done correctly. Take steps to be thorough, as when there are legitimate stumps the entire community benefits from fixing these issues. Let us know how it works out.