Feisty Fawn 7.04

Is Feisty Fawn a good start or could I revert to a previous version?Any recommendations?Thank you.

I like Gutsy Giboon better

I like Gutsy Giboon better than Feisty Fawn. I would say, if you can wait till Gutsy is released, go for it.================================My blog: http://blog.arun-prabha.com/================================

Feisty is a good start. But

Feisty is a good start. But I would say it depends on what it your HW. If it is really new I would wait for Gutsy, anyway is out next week. The new kernel in Gutsy should support better the newer HW.If you have, let's say, about 2 years old HW, I would try Feisty, because it should recognize almost all your HW. And maybe next month upgrade to Gutsy, when the Gutsy is more deployed, so you can get easier help from other experienced used that have already upgraded.