Feisty Fawn with Beryl and NVIDIA (not a how-to)

Finally, my AMD64 has working Beryl and Kubuntu. If there were party hat icons I'd sprinkle them all over this post.The solution arrived when my younger brother cleaned out his old office and found an NVIDIA MX440 that he had no use for. MX440 you say, obviously this story has a twist to it. I have had a partition with Feisty on it for several months now. I like the distribution. Everything seems faster. Unfortunately, it came with continued ATI Radeon 9600 configuration issues. My Radeon worked well in the Dapper. No Beryl, but it worked for google earth. And I had struggled to make it work. So I slapped that NVIDIA card in, tossed the ATI, and upgraded to edgy. Five hours later I was test driving a working install of beryl. (I also tried it in my test-install of feisty)A to B worked well. B to C was a nightmare. Just my luck that the day I pick to upgrade to feisty is the day the new NVIDIA 9755 driver arrived and dropped support for the MX440. Meanwhile, linux-restricted modules would provide it's own hidden barrier to installing the proprietary drivers from the company in the form of a module mismatch.The solution was simple once I researched what was going on, remove the restricted modules, log out, log in via command line and reinstall proprietary drivers.