Finding drivers for PCI wireless adapters

 I recently bought a Dell inspiron 530 desktop unit with Ubuntu 7.04 loaded. Through what I charitably will call a misunderstanding, the unit came without a wireless adapter built--in. I asked Dell to recommend an adapter, and they did: buy the Netgear WG311, they said! I did: I got the WG311v3.Guess what? It does not work. However, before I send it back to Dell, it was suggested to me by Netgear that I check the forums.So does anyone out there know how to obtain a driver that will make this adapter work? Failing that, I would like recommendations as to which adapter to get. Preferably a USB...  Last, some advice of my own: stay away from Dell and their Ubuntu division; the folks are very polite and eager to please, but they are poorly informed.


kerr64.proboards55.comnetgear WG111.V2 this wireless adapter driver is already built into linux i bought mine and was online instantlyhope this helps

question about previous post re: wireless adapter driver for Del

my question is this

i have a dell XPS M170 with Unbuntu 9.10 and am trying to connect to Apple time Machine but my computer does not have a wireless card built i have the same issues.

Will the netgear WG111.V2 work with the Apple Time machine router as well as with this Dell? I would assume it should the real problem comes in with the Unbuntu?

what is your thought on this and how should i proceed to get connected?

thanks for help