Fire that sucker up

Ok so I've been a windows user for 9 years now. I'm very willing to learn linux and am very excited. I downloaded the 64 bit version of Ubuntu for my 64 bit processor, slammed that 64 in and whent to install it. It shows all my hard drives but instead of showing my Sata Drives in the JBOD array I have it set up in, it shows them being seperate drives which shouldn't happen. I said ok and threw in a quick IDE drive and installed it there. Ubuntu loaded and I entered my password and my username and I was set...except I figured I needed to install drivers seeing as how my video resolution was wrong and my sound was working. I spent about 3 hours messing with nvidia and google trying to figure out how to load and unload X Server (which has something to do with the graphical log in) and install the nvidia drivers I downloaded. I finally get the drivers to install only to find out my monitor isn't support with linux (Viewsonic VX2035WM.) Whatever I can deal with it. I download my drivers for my Sound Blaster X-fi and it tells me I'm not running a 64 bit distro. At this point I'm so frustrated with the system and all the terminal commands I typed in that I'm about to give up. I REALLY want to learn linux and work with it for experience but I have no idea where to start pulling strings to make things work. Half the commands I ran I dont understand what they did I semi figured out sudo and sh but everything I don't understand. I'm basically looking for any kind of help or a book or anything that could help me in my endavor to switch away from microsoft. I know I'd want to game on this machine and something that would be easy to use and modify to look exactly the way I want it. Sorry for the really long post but I'm really excited about linux and I want to learn.

Problem one is

Problem one is do I get it to install on a premade partition on my JBOD array.

X Server

Do you have the steps required to load and unload X Server?

Three Good Sources

There's three different places that can function like your Ubuntu bible. First, do a search for the Ubuntu Community Wiki; they have very clear directions for common tasks like installing video drivers. As soon as you get that, try for more info on installing applications and learning how to use your system. If you have any SPECIFIC problems (the one above certaintly qualifies), hit These people are AMAZING. I honestly believe they can fix anything, and I know they would love to help you.Best of luck! Cheers!The Daily Ubuntu - Get a new Ubuntu Linux application on a daily basis.