Firefox 1.5 locally on my Ubuntu 5.10

Good night from France,
i'm using the Firefox 1.5 i've just installed manually in my /usr/local/ directory hierarchy because i have not found it yet as package for the latest stable ubuntu.
First, you need to download the firefox archive file on Get Firefox
After downloading the needed file, it was very simple because it's just a matter of executing only 3 commands :

tar -xzvf firefox-1.5.tar.gz
sudo mv firefox /usr/local/
sudo ln -s ../firefox/firefox /usr/local/bin/

That's all folks !
Because /usr/local/bin is before /usr/bin in the default user PATH shell variable you don't have to modify your default firefox icon on the gnome launch toolbar. The default firefox launching shortcut points to the "firefox" command so it will the "/usr/local/bin/firefox" before the packaged "/usr/bin/firefox" command.
Have an happy new year and happy using of you newly locally installed Firefoxof the next generation than 1.0


why isn't Firefox 1.5 in the repository?

I also have Firefox 1.0.7 on my Ubuntu. Why isn't there version 1.5 in the repositories? I thought I did some mistake, but other people seem to have the same issue.

The same is true for OpenOffice, I still have version 1.9.something there, although version 2 is out several weeks now.

What' wrong?

Ubuntu/Debian official packages update process

Packages update process is always hard to apply if you want it to stay stable. It's the BIG problem/feature of Debian :( Ubuntu is trying to adhere to "deadlines" to plan a "forced" update each 6 months but between these 6 months the distribution has to stay stable so no new big updates are made available or only in the backports.
That's why they have defined the "backport" term in Debian which means to port a package available in a less "stable" branch of Debian to a more "stable" branch of Debian. For exemple, porting from Debian testing to Debian stable to benefit from needed new features available in Debian testing but not available in Debian stable because only security fixes are applied to Debian stable and not new features available in new packages versions.
To add to the stability of the packages, there is only official packagers for each official packages so if the official packager is busy, he has no time to make a new package to use the new "upstream" version.
Another problem is also the distribution guidelines which not always complie with the software guidelines. That make the packager have to modify the sources or the building process to make comply the software to the distribution guidelines.
I hope these details have explained you more how these packages are managed, because you have to remember there are always human beings behind each contribution ;)
Have an happy new year,

Chrome Registration failed

I have followed your steos, however after restarting firefox I receive the message "Chrome Registration failed". I have no idea what this might mean. I must admit after the 3d or 4th restart it doesn't appear as yet!


Hi. Pardon my ignorance but I am having one heck of a time trying to install FF1.5 on my system. I am a newbie and can't seem to get the command line commands to work.  Maybe I am missing something subtle said in bertux's instructions.  Are there no tools in ubuntu that can be used to upgrade the included firefox 1.0.7 that is included? Cheers DJ

I'm in the same boat as you.

    I'm in the same exact boat as you.  I just installed Ubuntu and it's my first time using Linux.  I went to the firefox website and downloaded the .tar.gz file onto the desktop but I don't know how to get to it on the command line. Can someone give step-by-step instructions on how to install this .tar.gz file?

  • I go to Applications --> Accessories --> Terminal
  • Then after I try to follow the directions above, I get
    • paul@ubuntu:~$ tar -xzvf firefox-1.5.tar.gz
    • tar: firefox-1.5.tar.gz: Cannot open: No such file or directory
    • tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now
    • tar: Child returned status 2
    • tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors
  • I downloaded "firefox-1.5.tar.gz" onto my desktop (the default location)
    • When I try the "ls *" command at the terminal, I get:
    • paul@ubuntu:~$ ls *
    • firefox-1.5.tar.gz
      • So that means I'm already on the desktop so I don't need to change directory right? 
      • What's going on?

EDIT:  OK!  I realized I wasn't actually on the desktop yet! haha!  So I did "cd Desktop" then followed the above directions.  BUT  I still ended up getting this problem after trying the third command above:

  • paul@ubuntu:~/Desktop$ ln -s ../firefox/firefox /usr/local/bin/
  • ln: creating symbolic link `/usr/local/bin//firefox' to `../firefox/firefox': Permission denied

What's going on now?  How do I get permission?

RE:Chrome Registration failed

This can be solved by doing:

sudo mkdir -p /opt/firefox/extensions/
sudo touch /opt/firefox/extensions/

for more info on installing Firefox 1.5 you can go to:

thanks for this reply

sorry to have not been enabled to reply to you but i am very busy.
thanks to arturo to have taken time to reply and redirect to the official ubuntu wiki page about this subject.
I've omited to put the good chown command line to change the owner of /usr/local from root to my local user (bert).
see you later on this good website,