Firefox not starting from LiveCD


Just downloaded 7.04 and burnt it to disc, intending to use it as a LiveCD for safer browsing - worked fine on my work PC.

Came home, and while Ubuntu boots quite happily, some things aren't working.

a) Get a message on start-up saying (approx.) "Clock Applet can't display"
b) When I try to run Firefox, it appears in the task bar, but then silently vanishes.
c) When I click on help, similar symptoms to Firefox (does help use Firefox? - I'm new to Ubuntu)

Possibly a problem with my monitor - which is a 1440x900 HP Widescreen. I notice that 1440x900 is not a supported resolution, although the desktop seems to display fine. Changing the monitor is not an option as my wife bought it for my birthday a few weeks ago!

I've poked around in the logs but couldn't see anything...

Any help much appreciated! Although, as I'm currently only planning to use a LiveCD, not sure if much can be done...

Crashing Firefox

Start Firefox in the terminal (Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal. Type in firefox and hit enter.). If Firefox crashes again copy/paste all the info you see here. It can be helpful to paste an interestin part of the error message into Google and see what comes back.                         Hope this helps.