First preview of Dapper Drake released

The Ubuntu developer have released a first preview of their new Ubuntu version with codename Dapper Drake. It features some improvements on the installer and plenty of new packages taken from Debian unstable. Kubuntu, the KDE variant, has also been updated.

There are now 5.219 updated packages, 4.064 of them coming from the debian unstable branch. Plenty of them should bring new features to the distribution, but unfortunately Canonical made no detailled declaration what packages are affected.

The installer has been updated and includes some improvements. It now detects multi processor systems better and doesn't offer any partitioning for CD and DVD burners any more. Additionally FAT filesystems won't be mounted at locations, where errors could occur.

This first version of Dapper Drake is just a preview version mainly aimed at developers. The final version will be released not before April 2006.

If you're interested you can download this preview of Ubuntu and Kubuntu for x86, PowerPC and AMD64 platforms as install or live CD.