Flawless Fawn

I installed the beta about a month ago, and it has many MAJOR additions from Edgy. First, the wireless install on my laptop went off without a hitch. I did the Fiesty install , then, using an ethernet connection i opened synaptic and chose the bcm43xx-fwcutter program. During the intall a window popped up asking me if I wanted to download and install the driver for my card. I said yeas and it did.... flawless!I set up the RDC and have been RDCing into my Vista box at work to do any Windows programming I need to do. It works without a hitch. I have installeed the ntfs-3g driver to read and write to my external hard drive. I just used synaptic... again no problems.So far, the only problem i've had is getting the Cisco VPN client installed. I gave up on it and installed vpnc from synaptic once i get the particulars, we'll see if that works just as flawlessly.I'd like to change the name of fiesty fawn to Flawless Fawn! ;0)Well, Back at it!!~LeeNIX


Flawless Fawn: I think not

Let's be real here. Feisty is great, but if we go around calling it flawless, we're setting non-geek Windows migrators up for a frustrating experience. I have walked that road, and it is not easy (though it is fulfilling). Take wireless for example. My card, a D-Link PCI nic based on the Atheros 5212 chipset, worked flawlessly out of the box in Dapper. It does not work in Feisty (nor Edgy for that matter). Until people can be confident that the hardware they use in today's Ubuntu will work in tomorrow's Ubuntu, this distribution is going to cause some headaches. In order to upgrade from Dapper, I had to buy a Buffalo Ethernet Converter to externalize my wireless connectivity. How many folks migrating from other distributions or even operating systems are going to shell out $60 everytime a piece of hardware is abandoned?I've been using Feisty for several weeks now, and it is a major step forward in many aspects, and that is saying a lot because I loved Dapper. But I think we need to keep expectations real. Feisty is not flawless.     


OK, so maybe flawless is a bit EXTREME. But I have been a windows programmer for almost 10 years, and Fiesty set up easier on my laptop than Vista did. Vista STILL runs like a moose in quicksand on my laptop and it's a 2.8 Ghz P4 with 2G of RAM! The video drivers are not installed by default and I had to do some hacking to get the XP version installed (there is no Vista version of my Video driver). The most impressive feat of gall by M$ so far is that their own Development environment (Visual Studio 2005) announces that it is not compatible with Vista. Now I have been coding using Vista since Last November (When it came out for MSDN subscribers) and haven't had too many problems, but you'd think they'd at LEAST test against the LATEST version of their software.I have had some problems with Fiesty though. I tried doing an update manager upgrade on my test ubuntu server (running 6.10) and it will not boot now. I'm not anywhere near admin level, so it might have been somthing I did, but I only entered one command that i got from the Ubuntu forums, so...Anyway flawless may be an overstatement, but compared to Vista, it's definitely less flawed... hmmm.~Leenix