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root pwd for ubuntu 14.04

Just installed ubu 14.04, but don't know the root password - I'm trying to install tor

- I don't remember supplying any password on installation other that that for my login.

Also, I installed ubu on a machine running windows 7 pro, but windows boot option doesn't work. Although everything is double-backed up, I don't want to start from the beginning.

Any ideas?

Booting from an internal 2nd drive

I downloaded a copy of Ubuntu 13.10 on a second internal empty drive.
The HP has a Pentium4 with plenty of ram. The problem begins with the fact
the 2006 computer is running 2003 xp pro OS & is not genuine so the media player does not work properly. I am trying to make a switch over and no longer use XP.
Like I said it was downloaded to a second drive and opened many files from the way
it came but I can't get it to boot up either in windows formatted D drive or changing the jumper settings on the second drive. All I get is a message it needs a boot file. I have successfully put the same OS version on another PC, so I am not sure if the problem stems from Windows media/sound/non genuine mess or if I needs some other driver...booting mechanism. My DVD Rom reads CDs (no sound) but I am not sure if it burns them. I bought a copy of 13.10 from a local computer store.

Upgrading Gateway 9300 processor

My Gateway 9300 is not my main laptop, but it is like new and I still use it for fun. It has an 800 mhz processor with 512mb ram, and runs fast, except not fast enough for adobe flash player to work. My other laptop, IBM T60 with dual core processor, 1.66 ghz, is extremely fast, running 10.04 just fine, thank you(hate unity.) Anybody know a processor upgrade for my 9300?

problem in using wifi in dell inspiron 3420 using ubuntu 12.10

hi all!
me new to this forum...can someone among u guyz assist me in using my internet via wifi in ubuntu 12.10 as i have recently bought dell inspiron 3420...the wifi works well using windos but when i login using ubuntu OS it prompts at its main screen network disconnected and hence im very worry...plz help
thnxs in advance

how to install downloaded wine-1.4 ?

i have ubnutu 11.10 .i have downloaded wine-1.4 from winehq .now i don't know how to install?

Ubuntu Live Disks

Greetings, new to your forum.
I read about the Ubuntu Disks you had for a give away and tossed due to lack of concern. Please anyone, don't throw out you old versions of Ubuntu on disks, I collect them to rescue poor sick Windows laptops/notebooks. Wish I had found this site before you tossed them.

unable to download any software

I am not able to download even a single software from Ubuntu software center,even though I am connected to network.
when I used the command : sudo apt-get update && apt-get upgrade, I got the following errors:

Err oneiric-security InRelease

Err oneiric-security Release.gpg
Unable to connect to [IP: 80]
Err oneiric InRelease

Err oneiric-updates InRelease

Err oneiric-backports InRelease

Err oneiric Release.gpg
Unable to connect to [IP: 80]
Err oneiric-updates Release.gpg
Unable to connect to [IP: 80]
Err oneiric-backports Release.gpg

difficulty in downloading software packages

I am using ubuntu 11.10. I am unable to install any software from the 'ubuntu software center'.sometime it shows available from the 'universe source'and sometime something else.neither I am able to play song in media player because it lack some packages.please somebody help me out

Help! Trying to install Ubuntu over or Alongside Windows 7, can't get it to boot! I've read things, I've tried things, help?

Okay here it is;

Laptop Samsung Qx411

Booted to Bios changed the boot order several times, USB & CD 1st, always boots to windows 7

Used the linked pen drive utility on the Ubuntu page, unpacked the ISO via pen drive util, looked fine, all bios USB boot options were over the LAST option HDD, still boots to WIN 7

Burned 3 CDs, Ubuntu 11X (latest version two discs NO BOOT) and Ubuntu 10x (once no boot) Used POWER ISO to unpack the ISO to the disc at the lowest speed 10x. The first two burn attempts were the native windows 7 burn program which does not allow you to select burn speed

CD Appears to be written to, the data was verified each time, still boots to HD WIND 7

Any ideas? I've installed it inside of windows and get the Bootloader, Windows 7 or Ubuntu, Windows 7 boots fine, If I choose Ubuntu I get;

"Windows failed to start, a recent hardware or software change might be the cause.

Insert your windows instillation disk and select repair computer.

Clementine visualizer

..I have ubtuntu 11.10, I installed clementine version 0.7.1 . Any idea why every time I go to tools and click 'visualizations' the program shuts down? I am completely knew to ubuntu and linux and am just curious if there's something else I need to install or if it's an error in clementine... cheers.

i'm beginner

how to fix this updates installation?

Requires installation of untrusted packages

The action would require the installation of packages from not authenticated sources.

Details : libnux-1.0-0 libnux-1.0-common

Installation of Lexmark S305 Network Printer

I am a new Ubuntu user and Iam attempting to install aLexmark S305 Printer. I have downloaded the appropriate installation software. I get so far on the installation and I get a request for root(administrative) password I have used the password that I sign in with to no avail. My question is what is the root password and how do I access it.



Inside Windows vs. Full Installation

Is there any advantage to a full installation replacing XP over a partitioned installation?

can't get 11.04 to start

hey guys,
I am a total noob at using linux so please forgive my ignorance. I made a live cd of ubuntu 11.04 using bit torrent and infra recorder. After booting to the cd, a screen that says "Ubuntu" in large orange letters appears with options such as install ubuntu, try ubuntu, test memory, etc.... When i click on the option to either try ubuntu or install ubuntu, i can hear the cd drive spin for a moment, then it stops and nothing happens. I would just like to know if there is a step I am missing, and i appreciate any help or advice you guys can give me. thanks!

I have a dell d610 laptop with i believe 500 mb of ram. currently i am running windows xp 32 bit with ntfs.

Install of 11.04 won't work

CD install of 11.04 - read error on burnt CDs when installing

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