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Launch GUI from terminal

I just installed Ubuntu 12.10 x64 onto an unused laptop and reconfigured GRUB to launch to a terminal instead of the GUI as I quite often just want to run some commands without all the other stuff loading and slowing me down.
When I decide I want to launch the GUI (I've changed to Cinnamon by the way) I type STARTX and the GUI launches, but it is missing the taskbar/menu at the bottom of the screen. I can right click and select different items, but am hoping someone has an idea as to why the GUI doesn't launch properly.
If I reconfigure GRUB to boot straight to GUI then it launches properly, so I am fairly sure that it is all configured appropriately.
Thanks for any suggestions anyone has.

Limiting bandwidth and disk quota per user

hello guys, i'm new to this forum and here's my situation.

I have a 100mbit FD connection with 1tb of hdd, running on Ubuntu 11.10.
I would like to add 4 users in a way so each one will be able to use only 10mbit and 150gb .

is it possible in anyway?
could you please not refer me to google, i've been there and got to no where.

i'm here because my searches came out with no actual solution.
i would really appreciate that if you helped me

thank you very much !!

How to get the classic panel and desktop on ubuntu 11.10?

Hello everyone, I have recently upgraded to ubuntu 11.10 which has the new Unity desktop which I hate. So I installed the gnome desktop which was gnome 3 not the classic gnome 2 and it look nothing like gnome 2. I just need the menu bars in gnome desktop 3 to look like gnome 2.

Please can someone HELP ME.

RE: Linux kernel configuration items

I need list of all kernel configuration items, modules, etc., that support or enable Trusted Computing, Digital Rights Management, and similar stuff that have been added to the kernel. Any one have a list, or can refer me to any site providing one?

How to publish the banner?

Hi All,

I was in push suitation to learn about the ubantu linux, i am very new linux.
Want to know how to get the banner while loging into the linux.

Also want to know what is the best apporach for installing mysql for mounting different drive for data/log/temp.

How to add into the windows domain.


Panasonic 50" 720p as monitor

After a good while I finally got Ubuntu 11.04 to display on this screen except I cannot see my lower panel and part of upper panel is off the visible area. I'm kind of memory challenged from a TBI.
My video card is a Gforce 5200FX and the only resolution available in Monitor preferences is 1280X720 and the listed as a 32" Panasonic. I do not believe that I have have drivers installed for the card but will be trying that now. I'm not running Unity and do not foresee using it in the future -- wutt a mess that iz!!!
Well driver installed I have to reboot not unlike Wimbloz so off I go...Well I'm back and drivers gave me some different settings to confuse me with and none of them worked. The more I toyed with it the wackier the the screen out put got and it seemed like I have no control over the Panasonic output. Both panels are not visible on the 50" Panny now... Thanx for any input!%:)
My suspicions are poor or failing video card or inept user.

Oversized windows

Hello everybody. First time here and a complete Linux newbie since a couple of months ago, but I'm learning fast.

Ubuntu 64 bit, i7 processor, 6GB RAM, 2 hard drives, Linux only, not dual boot.

Apologies if this has been asked elsewhere. I'm quite impressed with Linux so far, and won't be going back to $eattle $pyware, but there's this one problem that's driving me nuts and I have yet to find an answer.

Due to failing sight, I use a screen resolution of 800x600, but in my experience MOST windows in Linux are larger than this, in one or both directions, can't be made smaller and often lack scroll bars, as with the Evolution preferences screen for example.

I had hoped this problem would be solved by the upgrade to 11.04, but if anything it's even worse.

Nautilus extension


Im planning to make a small nautilus extension which extends the search functionality of the file manager.
First of all I have a doubt whether is it possible to make such an extension which modifies the search
results.Can anyone help me out

Thanks in Advance.

11.04 or Natty ~ Beta1 ~ additional panel function

Any one else having trouble with getting a third panel to remain functional through reboots?
I do not like or wish to use the Unity side panel

VNC Remote Desktop

I have been using Remote Desktop very successfully on Windows Machines for years. As I have transitioned to Linux, achieving the same functionality has been elusive. The functions I want to produce on Ubuntu 10.10 are the following:

1) Start up VNC (any version e.g. x11vnc, vnc,...) as a service even if no one has logged onto the machine.

2) Allow multiple people to run sessions (basically virtual sessions) remotely.

3) Allow a remote connection to set screen resolution based on the client not the server.

These things seem like what any experienced Linux person would want, but apparently most experienced Linux people just want a terminal. I say this because, I have had years of searching trying to find any instructions that address my needs or instructions that I can follow which can get me to the functionality above. I am so disappointed I have spent so much time trying to figure this out.

What am I missing?

What VNC server should I be using?

How to make your panels, menus, and tabs transparent

I have made a tutorial on how to make your panels, tabs and menus transparent. just visit my site: There are pictures to help you on the procedures.

customize bootup and shutdown splash screen (plymouth theme)

here is a new software that will make customizing your splash easy.
It will definitely make thing easier. It includes a few plymouth themes from gnome art. Its still in its fresh stage so report any problems so the developer can make corrections.

User inteface Ubuntu 10.10

Recently I thought I'd have a go at trying Unity desktop.
I went to Synaptic and checked everything that looked pertinent to do the job and installed the files. Next boot I had a Unity desktop but without function.

Ubuntu Window Positions

Help! I'm new to Ubuntu so please be kind to me!! Every time I open a window on the desktop, they are always docked to the left hand edge of the screen. Even after I move them over to the center of the desktop, the next time I open them, they are back on the left! Can somebody help me fix this?

Block Bcc emails

How to block bcc emails, so that avoid user's sending mails through bcc.

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