hardware problems and more

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Drive permissions

I just wiped my Windoze partition (it was an old and incomplete installation of Windoze) and formatted it ext4 (using GPartEd). However, when I attempted to use the drive, I found the permissions were set to Root Only.

Using Nautilus, I managed to move the files I wanted onto the drive. Now those files are locked. (Yes, I can use Nautilus to move them back... but that means I still do not have that extra drive space available to me.)

What did I do wrong? What could I do differently? How do I use this drive partition?

Getting Permissions

Can someone tell me how to get permissions. Or is it root permissions?

Thank you.

ubuntu 10.01 wont accept password

i am running Ubuntu 10.1 and can log in without entering a password but when the keyring comes up it wont accept my password is their anyway to beset it as i have multiple operating systems and their is no recovery console for Ubuntu 10.01

toshiba portege m100 stopped upgrading from ubuntu 12. to 13.

I have a toshiba portege m100 that I couldn't locate a recovery disk for, so I installed the ubuntu 12.3, and it was working fine. Then, I got a message to upgrade to the 13.04 version, and as it was going thru the process, it stopped and I got a message that it couldn't continue the upgrade. Now, when I log into the the OS, my computer will not boot up to let me go online. What should I do, to reinstall the old 12.3 version? When I tried to reinstall the OS with the disk, it doesn't recognize the disk in the drive. Please help me...thnx much.


pdf highlighter

Hey all dears,

I worry about unavailablity of pdf editors (like as adobe reader 10) in ubuntu 12.04.
There is no any pdf editor as per my knowledge by which one can highlight any
important line in pdf file. If someone knows please share with me.
I will be gratefull to him.

unable to update my software

I am using KPackageKit to try and update all my software, my problem is I get the following error:

Dependency Resolution Failed.

A package dependency could not be found.
More information is available in the detailed report.

Details: The following packages block the installation: ppp libasound2 libglib2.0-0 isc-dhcp-client nautilus

I believe the problem started a month or so ago when I was updating software and my laptop died in the middle of an update.

I am using Ubuntu 10.04 LTS - the Lucid Lynx

Any help would be appreciated,

Password for root

When I try to make any kind of changes on my system, I keep getting ask for the password for root, when I input what I thought is the correct word, the window shakes 3 times and closes and will not allow me to upgrade add another user etc..........

Computer overheats extremely when using 11.10

Hi everyene, I have just upgraded from ubuntu10.10 to 11.10. I found I problem with ubuntu11.10 and it's that the computer temperature goes up to 200degrees celsius in about 15 minutes and just automatically shuts down. Also the fans is extremely slow, I think the it'speed of the cpu is set to max. I can't change it though. On windows xp the computer is fine though. Could someone please help, I'm really worried tat my computer might fry if I use ubuntu. Pleas help

Ubuntu Graphics Problem

Hello everyone. I am in desperate need of help, my screen keeps displaying random colours and failing after a several minutes of logging on, but the system does not crash at all. Also, I enjoy computer games very much and when I run games,the graphics in the games starts failing. I think this is to do with the graphics driver that ubuntu has when was installed not being compatable with my graphics card, I couldn't find a graphics driver for my graphics card that works on ubuntu. My computer is a Toshiba Satellite L300D. A lot of people on the internet say that toshiba laptops are not compatable with linux, it might be something to do with that as well. My graphics card is either a ATI Radeon X1250 or a ATI Radeon X1200.

Video issue after suspending Ubuntu 12.04

I installed the version 12.04 LTS on a Netbook Asus EEE PC 1101HA. I had a video problem at the boot time but it was solved by following these steps


I see that if I suspend the netbook there's no problem. But when I wake it up, it does it but with an issue on the video (The screen is divided in 4)

Please help me with this issue if it's possible of course.


mouse button reversed in Vbox

I'm running a Java based program in Trisquel 5.5 in Virtual Box hosted by Ubuntu 11.04 classic. Ubuntu mouse is set to left handed mouse as is Trisquel. The result is right handed mouse function. In order to get left hand mouse function in Trisquel I have to set it to right handed.
I think all this started after a lock-up using that Java program which required a power off vbox to get out of. Just wondering what might be going on and how to fix.
Additional driver Jockey-gtk installed in Ubuntu but not activated me thinx. Also am using mouse pointer enhancements in Ubuntu.
TA75M+ A8-3850 SeagateSATA2 1TB Mushkin 8GB radioactive stock settings....%:]] Thanx SW

No internet connection via nic card

I have just installed mint on my computer for the first time and am unable to connect to the internet via the on board network card.
I have never used this system before only windows and do not no how to install drivers for the network card or how to find devices under the mint system.
As i am new to linux can anyone guide me


computer specs are msi 865pe mainboard with 82547/82562 on board lan pentium 4 processor 1gb memory

can't connect using wired broadband.

Please help, I just installed Ubuntu yesterday and know next to nothing about Linux. I have the strangest issue, Ubuntu connects do wifi with no problem but won't connect using the ethernet cable. Abby ideas on what to do? This is driving me nuts!