FREE i-Pyme program. Develop your own on-line shops in Internet

i-Pyme is a free new program that helps you to develop your own on-line shops in Internet. You only need to introduce your business and products information, and i-Pyme will generate automatically your company web portal with your own on-line catalog. Your web portal will be automatically published in Internet with general information about your company, complete on-line catalog, shopping cart,... The main advantages of i-Pyme are:.- It's FREE..- You can offer your products in Internet with no additional cost..- i-Pyme can run in every computer (Windows, Linux,...).- No need of computer language knwoledge..- No need of engage additional staff..- It's automatic. You just introduce the information you consider, and your company web portal is generated..- No need to wait. Everything is generetad and published in seconds. .- i-Pyme can be improve in order to fit you business requirements.More information and download at: