Greetings All

I've just signed up to see how things work over here at Ubuntux.  I am a regular contributor on the Ubuntu Forums and hang out a bit in the Ubuntu IRC support channel.  I'm hoping to find some interesting blog entries relating to Ubuntu. :)


welcome to Ubuntux

Hi! A warm welcome from my side and according to your screenshot greetings go out to Gold Coast, Australia :)


Thanks for the welcome, Subsonix. :) Yep, I'm on the sunny Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, where the brochures tell me its 'Beautiful one day.  Perfect the next'.

I've been there

I've been there once, and the brochures are perfectly right :)

Ubuntu Linux

i like ubuntulinux as the fact that it is free and the canonical people shipit free too. but as i'm a new user to linux, it is hard for me to compile or make packages using commands and so other than the packages for deb. it would have been easier for the users if it would have been like exe files of Windows. and also the performance and speed is also slow as for my 128mb ram/2.26GHz processor system (i have to wait on and on for programs to start, even the file browser). it would been great if the OS was made for easy usability for users like me.

I realise its difficult

I realise its difficult for someone new to linux to learn the lingo and come to grips with a new operating system. Linux is definitely not windows. :) I've only been on linux since June myself, but I have a lot of time on my hands and I have used a lot of that time studying linux.  I would suggest that you get yourself some more RAM.  128 mb's of RAM is pretty low even for running XP.  Ideally you would want 512mb's of RAM to run a system like GNOME.  Different desktop varieties exist for linux that have less overheads in terms of the system and RAM ie XFCE.  XFCE can be installed via synaptic too.  HOW TO's on this are on the forums and in the wiki I believe.  If you are really interested I can find the links for you.