Hardy upgrade and KDE4

The wiki(s) are unclear as to what is going to happen when the distribution release of Hardy comes out at the end of April.  I'm using KDE4-CE with 7.10.  Will the Hardy release use KDE4, or will they stay with 3.5.9? In other words, will the upgrade to Hardy wipe out KDE4, and replace it with 3.5.9?  TIA!!

Kubuntu will support for the

Kubuntu will support for the same length as kubuntu 7.10 gutsy gibbon/compared to ubuntu 8.04 which will be supported for 3yrs on the desktop & 5 years for a server.

KDE in 8.04 of kubuntu will stay with the 3.5.x series mainly but can be upgraded via the repositories to use kde4. The next Version of Kubuntu after hardy will use the 4.x series as the main kde desktop GUI, etc..

Hope I helped u there bud, so yes by default Kubuntu 8.04 will use 3.5.9. :)