I'm an absolute newbie to the world of Linux and I'm desperate to get rid of Microsoft Windows.I borrowed a Ubuntu LiveCD from a friend (he showed me how it worked). It booted nicely (just as it had on his computer), I selected Run or Install Ubuntu (or something like that) and it started to load but after a while the screen went black and showed something that said:/bin/sh: can't acces tty: job control turned offI assumed (in a pretty obvious way) that it has something to do with the fact that the damn job control (whatever it is) is turned off!!!!!!Anyway, I'm desperate to install my Ubuntu, but I can't and I'd really appreciate some help.Thanks

I had a similar problem

I had a similar problem installing Fiesty on a new DellD830 laptop. I went to the latest build of Gutsy and all worked sweet. My guess was that there was some bit of hadware that wasn't supported in the release of Ubuntu that I was trying to install.  So far I've found that apart from having to add a few extra bits and pieces to support mp3 and stuff pretty much everything works right out the box.

Check out this

Check out this thread:      It's a little old but may be very related.  Also, what distro are you using?