Help-Lost connection to internet

Hi all newbie here that needs a little help. I am running unbuntu 6.06LTS (Dapper) on a dell i8200 laptop. Installed to HD and all went well. I have a wireless linksys PCMCIA card that was detected and installed. Internet access was fine. I did a upgrade using the upgrade program in ubuntu. After upgrading i was still able to use and access the internet via firefox and read emails. Fired the computer back up this morning and no internet access and no mail reading. I no longer can access the internet. I noticed in the network settings that i only had lo and eth0. I reinstalled ubuntu hoping to correct the issue, still nothing. Tried using static and put my settings in still nothing. switched back to DHCP still nothing.Any advice. think that he means configure, not consume, in the above tutorial.Try setting your DNS manually.The above is for Kde, but should be similar in gnome.good luckfredd

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thanks for posting the above link. Lost of interesting topics. Will keep trying.

lost the connection

hey! i have the same problem. i have a laptop and recently i have installed the ubuntu 6.06 release. everything was fine. the internet was working. later i had to reinstall ubuntu, cause something went wrong. but after reinstallation, the internet is not working. i can see in the properties that some packages are being sent and received, but the firefox is not surfing the internet. please help me out. i read all the stuff from the link above you mentioned but i cannot find anything. thanks.P.S. by the way, when the ubuntu starts, there is always something on the black screen and it says : cannot locate....bla bla ba.....that is all i manage to read cause it disappears fast. bye