help me on Voip

hi, i am btech student i had selected  viop as a project topic. can any one help me how can we implement this. does we need to create a potocol for this. or can this be done.......if so what are the steps (from beginig) helpppppp


Im not really sure what your asking here. Do you mean something like a pbx server like Asterisk or something like that? I'd love to here what your doing becuase I would like to try and have a linux based phone system that could forward calls to cellphones,etc. Also Voip could be very powerfull with linux.

hello echo0thanks for ur

hello echo0thanks for ur replything is that we are doing the project in java. and plannig to impelment it in our college LAN. since voip include phone to pc and back we need gateway  to interconn. this so that i gave my froum in sever forum. actualy i am a bignner, can u help me in this stuff. our sir had told us that our project must be inovative and said voip is allready implemeted try to improve or add my service to it or try for another one wich is good so plz help mee