Help!!! Mozilla firefox keeps on crashing

anyone here who can help me. i am using ubuntu in gnome, and i have firefox but it keeps on crashing for about 10 to 15 minutes and i cant get things done because of this.please helpthanks

Same here

Same problem here... I have though (very latest version). Keeps crashing apparently at random, goving out "segmentation fault" in CLI... Anybody know how to fix this?- trib'

Same here..

The newest Firefox just crashes, doesn't give any errors


I am using KDE 3.5.2 and installed Firefox through Yast. BTW it is AMD64.
FF kept crapping out on me, so I ran in a terminal and got a bunch of GDK errors like.
and a GLIB error
So I figured I was missing some libraries, and I installed all the GDK and GLIB libraries I could think of, but I am still getting the error. What could I be missing?


Sorry, was a double post.