help needed

i'm total new for the world of linux..ubuntu is my first trial..i read the speech of prisedent bill clinton about the need for ubuntu in the human live..he mean the african i google the net searchimg about a new site for chating to whome want the world better anyhow i find ubuntu..i did't get anger..i like the idea of throwing windows away..but i have many problem first & the worst "unable to mount the drive" & after alot of trails at last i accessed to one drive but "the folder  content could not be displayed"it insist that i"m not the owner???!!if any one could help me??!!

help needed

Do you mean that you want to mount a Windows Drive? If you do, see: "Mounting Window Partitions in Ubuntu" at same site has info about Mounting Linux Partitions/Drives in Ubuntu. This won't create a shortcut for you - that has to be done seperately

thanks..but help still needed

thank u for the quick answer but ..i have 2 hard disks & about 8 drive when i access anyone-except the linux drive- of them it's "unable to mount the drive"first what the mounting is?? & why it can't be readed along ??am i have to mount my drives with each boot??

help needed

"am i have to mount my drives with each boot??" No, this should automatically mount Windows when you boot.

helpful links ?

zizo,here's a very good link for mounting (both temporaryily and automatically/permanenty) usb flash drives.  Hard drives and disc drives are similar.  I think it will help. here's a link to help explain the mount command: l8

mount ??

for all the people that love to help a brother in human desperatly needing your help..i use 2 hard drive 80 giga each..the proble i unable to mount my drives..i used the"disks" in the system>administrator>disks menu & when i'm finally in i'm unable to view the content as i'm not the user!!so whenever i have to turnon my pc i have to edit the setting from the disks menu &again i'm unable to view the content for being not the "user" any help please..

mount?? Ok, a bit of a long answer.

Ok, a bit of a long answer. Hope it helps out a bit.I had a similar problem with my original install of Ubuntu. Eventually stumbled upon a page that helped to straighten me out: gave me enough information that I could figure out what I needed to put in from the step by step examples for my specific situation. Additionally, knowing how to do somethings with command line really comes in handy if you "break" something, especially when changing configuration files.BTW:  there is another way to change permissions on just about anything.  I must stress the fact that you can easily "break" things if you are not careful with this method:    Get into a terminal and use the sudo command with your favorite file managing program. For example for Ubuntu the default is nautilus, Xubuntu: thunar, Kubuntu: konquerer (sp?). So if I do "sudo nautilus" it askes for the pword. It then opens up Nautilus in root user mode and I can easily change permissions on just about anything. Just need to see the item, right click on it and select "Properties", then a window pops up. Select the "Permissions" tab. Change them to your user/group or what not. Safe thing to use for "Others" is read only or none.Take it easy,ElfCaution: Cognitive dissonance due to reality conflicting with this post may cause your brain to ache.

help needed

hello, i dont know wich ubuntu version you are running cuz all of the last version of ubuntu Mount (Partitions, usb device, bluetooth) Automatically, if not try this :

  • creat new folder tape : sudo mkdir /media/windows
  • to know more bout ur partition tape : sudo fdisk -l
  • you'll have some information about your windows partion (name, and file system..)

to understand bout linux partition :

  • /dev/hda2 is the 2and partition of the 1st disk (a)
  • /dev/hda3 is 3th partition of the 1st disk (a)
  • /dev/hdb1 is the 1st partition of the 2and disk (b),,,

know if you want mount your partition automatically you need to edit /etc/fstab and add your partition :

  • sudo gedit /etc/fstab

you'll see somthing like this :

  1. # <file system> ----<mount point>----<type>----<options>----<dump>----<pass>
  2. proc /proc proc defaults 0 0
  3. /dev/hdb8 / reiserfs defaults 0 1
  4. /dev/hda2 /boot ext3 defaults 0 2
  5. /dev/your partition     /media/windows     vfat(for fat part) or ntfs-3g (ntfs part)   in <option > : rw,user,auto,exec,gid=100,uid=1000,umask=002,iocharset=utf8,codepage=850,shortname=mixed

save and reboot thats all