Help with ID "1" respawning too fast:

Can anybody please help me with this problem. I just install ubuntu ver 2.6.12-9-386. On a dell pentium d. I have the grub. When I boot ubuntu, it runs all the module loading process things, then it says configuring base system maybe ten times, after that i get a message saying:ID "1" respawning too fast: Disabled for 5 minutes or something like thatIt is a dual boot system with xp pro.I have never been able to get into the gui.I can switch tty 1-3.I can get into root through recovery mode.Any help suggestions would be great.

This is a bit of a mystery

This is a bit of a mystery error.  I've read a few threads on it before and 99% of them are unresolved.  The only thread I found that had a resolution didn't really give much hope though. You will note in that thread above, that the user did a ctrl-alt-del and then powered down his computer completely.  It's hardly an elegant resolution, but its the only time I have ever seen someone resolve this bug in the installer.


thanks for the link ill try that it hopefully will be a simple solution im gonna laugh pretty hard if it's that easy