hi every body

i am new in linux and i have some problems.... i can't play avi in ubuntuis threre anay body to help me please...........thanks............

Hello,I am fairly new to

Hello,I am fairly new to this also...Sick of Microsoft's Crap...Here is what I learned...  1)You will need a good media player that does not require for you to have to download proprietary codecs. 2)The best that I have found with minimal flaws is VLC. 3)to download and istall this media player you will have to open the terminal...similar to the MS-DOS Command Prompt and type... 4) sudo apt-get install vlc 5)This should install vlc see, patricularly if you are using "edgy eft" which is available for download at http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop at the right of the page is a link to download... 6)Remember that when you install the VLC media player to set it as a default media player for every media type...otherwise it will seem that it does not work. 7) To do this whenever you download a video select it with a right click, tab to "Open With" and select VLC as the default media player for that media type.If you have anymore questions about this topic contact me backand I will do the best I can to help you. xionell