how folder can be removed

    I have created a new folder name as audio &media, I dragged and dropped all media files into it. all the files are hidden.  If I type ctrl + H,  it is visible, but when I browse into media, right click only audio &media   file,I cannot choose  mplayer,xine, realplayer etc .to open all are  hidden   Anyone can help pleeease.arasu

I assume you have the "show

I assume you have the "show hidden files" checked in whatever you are using to view the contents of the folder (Nautilus?). If so, and they still don't show up, I'd try the terminal and try to navigate to the folder. Once there, if you can see the files, I'd cp them elsewhere, then create a new folder and put them in there. My guess is the "&" character is causing the problem, but what do I know, anyway.