How to add a user to my buddylist ?

i've not found how to add a user to my buddylist of this site ?
Could someone please explain me how i can do that ?
Thanks in advance,

buddylist works now

Hi bertux,

you've found a brand new feature of this site. :)

You can add someone to your buddylist by clicking on his/her name. In the profile of that person is a new point "Buddy actions", where you can add someone to your buddy list.

It works just since 5 mins, so at the moment you were trying it, it wasn't working yet I guess :)

Please have another try and tell me if it works now. Thank you!


Now it works !

Thanks for this rapid fix :)
Now it has worked for me to add you to my buddylist ;)
Keep up this good work dear Friedrich,

no problem :)

no problem :)