How to connect to internet via usb cable k800i?

Very very new. Just installed uBuntu7.04 today... :)How do I connect my K800i via USB cable to Ubuntu to connect to Internet?Please go slowly.  Appreciate the help. Thank you.

Maybe this can help...

Try this:

The article is in spanish...maybe a translator can help.

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thank you thank you. But i

thank you thank you. But i got stuck at $sudo wvdial. initialized modem>sending ATZ sending ATQ0 resending ATZ then modem not resonding......not sure stuck at where....From the device manager i could see the K800i USB communication interface but does not say which is the right port, i have tried $sudo nautilus and found wvdial in file system etc folder.Would it be because of the modem port?Modem = /dev/ttyS1  >>>>>>> have got a few /modem/ttyS0/S1/S2/S3 will try the other modem ports later after work (not sure which one is the right one)Phone = *99#Type modem = USB InterfaceBaud = 115200Username = Password = new PPPD = yes:(

Maybe other ports :)

Keep trying other ports, sorry that I can't help you more with this issue, I'm just another n00b here ;)


simple solution

 i feel like an idiot. but a happy one......M now viewing this site with U buntu firefox.....After struggling for 2 days with commands and network configuration.Simple solution applies.The secret lies in the phone itself.Simply plug in K800i.  On K800i menu>settings>connectivity>USB>USB internet>  Turn On then tadaaa.  Ubuntu connects automatically.  No driver is required.However if you have been using windows to access via K800i.  USB internet have to be shut off. Error will be shown.PC suite will runs differently. You go mobile network wizad and connect from there.  Thumbs up for Ubuntu.  Thank you for you help Manro.


Hey! I'm happy to read that everything is working now, good you foud the solution yourself!

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I have got it working with Debian.Basically I just enabled "USB Internet" on the phone itself (menu > settings > connectivity > USB > USB Internet), then plugged the phone in via USB. Debian picked it up straight away and a new network interface, usb0, became available.  To get network settings I ran dhclient usb0 (as root) and internet became available!NB: you must have correctly configured data/internet profiles on your phone - this information can be obtained by your carrier.see this article for more info:

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I m newly using ubuntu 9.1, Now i want to connect internet through
my Nokia 3120c mobile, can it possible? if yes, Pl help in easy language.