How to dial up on 56 k modem

I was wondering if someone could explaine HOW to dial up on ubuntu linux.Thanks =)

the modem eating virus

Slade can you please tell us what kind of modem you are using? The dialer we use is WVDIAL, term > sudo wvdial Just worx. You will need to set up the script and the modem file for your modem and ISP. If you need help we can post ours We will post you the tools we used as well. ...all over the world win modems are sitting idle because their owners gave up and got real modems! Now my evil plan will wake them ALL to do MY bidding! Moo Ha ha !...

Newbie Modem problems

Hi. I have a ESS ES56H-PI data fax voice modem, probably a winmodem, and need to get it to work on Dapper Drake. I'm hoping you can awaken it!ThanksRon

Seek out SLOMODEMD. Download

Seek out SLOMODEMD. Download it and get it to your machine somehow. It has everything in it you need to set up your winmodem IF it CAN be set up. It is pretty straight on. Unpack it and read the "Readme" and then run the scan program and read the results.Took us about a 1/2 a day to find out it was out there and 1/2 hour to set up the modem. DONT skip any steps or go out of order. just relax and go with the instructions.They are made so you just copy and paste into your terminal.You might look for a HOW TO on it if you feel your neck getting wet ;)Oddly the winmodem was easy but we still cant get an old Exxternal USR sportster to be seen...

Greetings all on today

  I am on square one (still) in regards to the dial up connection. Before I continue, much thanks to allanrochester is due. A gentleman and a scollar in my book. Could the STEPS be posted on here HOW to make the (External 56k Mentor to work, please!!!beaverfeather in Canada

dialup setup, still screwup....

     This is what I did so far;  External Mentor 56k Fax modemReplaced the original powersupply which was 9VAC/50HZ with the Canadian 9.3VAC/60HZ and the modem came alive nicely. The actual phone lead seem to fit also.two  cd's dont seem to want install. Or maybe I just dont know enough of Ubuntu to go about correctly.Upon trying to connect I get : connection refused!!!!!it goes in the 30sec loop dialing.but no sound can be heard whilst dialing.HeLp please.need help

open up your network manger

open up your network manger in system settings and make sure the port for your external modem is set to  tty0    that last number is a zero.