how to insatall incredimail in ubuntu

hi i want to install incredimail in ubuntu . can any one help me

Please don't

First and foremost - at the enterprise level businesses, will block incredimail. We do. I realize you may be new to Linux and open source, however most things that are by design made only to run on windows do not natively run on Linux. More importantly most non windows based email clients are set by default *not* to display html in email as it could be unsafe. Windows will let executable code run in an email - non-windows will not. All of that being said, oh yeah, incredimail displays images in an email that gets downloaded from the internet. The entire implementation is just bad programming practice. Just my $0.02 <code></steps off of soapbox></code>OK, now you know that, you should also know that unlike M$ boxes, it's *your* software and you can do anything you want with it. There are a couple of options you could try.

  • WINE (WineIsNotanEmulator) - Try a google search with something like [howto wine ubuntu]
  • The much easier to set up version of WINE - for a small amount of money (worth it in my opinion) CrossOver - They are the maintainers of WINE.

I don't know if either of those will work, however you hit their forums if you are set on using that  executable made for winbloze. <code>(Recovering MicroSoft Developer)</code>