How to install amaroK (multimedia MP3 player)

Prerequisites: add universe and multiverse repositories.

Open a terminal window and type in:
sudo apt-get install amarok

After that you can find amaroK in the Gnome menu under Applications -> Sound & Video.

Post Dapper update Amarok issues

after a failed attempt at using Compiz (I am on a notebook)...I find that Amarok now just breezes through a song without playing it, and pops up "Playlist Complete"  I have MP3 enabled, and all of the SQL databases installed.For what its worth, here is my shell output:Failed to open deviceX Error: BadDevice, invalid or uninitialized input device 168  Major opcode:  145  Minor opcode:  3  Resource id:  0x0Failed to open deviceAmarok: [Loader] Starting amarokapp..Amarok: [Loader] Don't run gdb, valgrind, etc. against this binary! Use amarokapp.Any help would be appreciated greatlyScott


You might want to try altering the driver used for sound output. I too had these issues and I think it's somewhat computer dependant, but I suggest suing amarok-xine (you can apt-get this if you don't have it) and then try using the oss sound output. The alsa drivers sometimes have issues with other programs designating sound usage so give this a go. Good luck.Joe

not able to play mp3 songs

hi i tried your command in the terminal but I get this message:<ul><li>Reading package lists... Done</li><li>Building dependency tree... Done</li><li>E: Couldn't find package amarok</li></ul>Also when I use totem player to play Mp3 songs I get the message:<ul><li>You do not have a decoder installed to handle this file. You might need to install the necessary plugins.</li></ul>Can you please help me !?

Problem solved !!

Hey guys,there is another simpler way to listen to your Mp3 songs. Just go to the Add/Remove in the start menu and then search for amaorK or XMMS and click it to install. It downloads and installs automatically. The software that does it is called Automatix (similar to YaST in SuSE i think).I installed XMMS (since i am familiar with it) and it works perfectly !..