How to: install ipodlinux on your ipod

This is a basic summary of my Original Article on my blog here is a how to install ipodlinux on your ipod. Winpod only. All models except 1G, 2G and nano 2G. I made this based off of this guide. Make sure your ipod is plugged in for all this:

Follow the on screen instructions. To restore if something goes wrong, run

  • ./ restore

I had a problem installing on my machine, one that I have never gotten before. Here are details and my solution, in case you run into the sameWhen running the installer as instructed above, I got an error similar to 'error in line ? could not find directory ./usr'I just went into the ipodlinux folder we created in the home folder, and copied all the folders plus loader.bin to the root of my ipod, safely disconnected, and loaded ipodlinux successfully.