How to install the RealPlayer (Multimedia Player)

Prerequisites: add universe and multiverse repositories.

Open a terminal window and type in:
sudo apt-get install realplayer
killall gnome-panel

The second command refreshes the GNOME panel.

After that you can find RealPlayer 10 in the Gnome menu under Applications -> Sound & Video.

Realplayer installation

tried it and I get this reply "Package realplayer is not available, but is referred to by another package. This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or is only available from another source E: Package realplayer has no installation candidate Not really sure what it means, can you help me out a little?

Im using ubuntu already for

Im using ubuntu already for a long time, and i didn't found it out also... (Trough apt-get)...You can do 2 things:1. Download the player Realplayer is based on (Helix) buti think it cannot handle the real codecs.2. Download the Realplayer .bin file from Im not so good at giving instructions so this is what is said on the site:Installation Instructions - Ensure that the .bin file you downloaded is executable. You can make the .bin file executable by running the "chmod a+x RealPlayer10GOLD.bin" command from a terminal window. - Run the .bin file by typing "./RealPlayer10GOLD.bin". Follow the prompts provided to finish installing the player. - When you launch the player for the first time, a set-up assistant will take you through configuring your player. - Enjoy your RealPlayer10 for Linux!


To Blaker, Did you enable the right repositories, that are listed in the prerequisites? Are you on a x86 build? If not (aka 64 bit) you're not going to get real player, a 64 bit client simply doesn't exist. If nothing else try doing it with an automated script like Automatix or EasyUbuntu

Youre Right

Almost forgot, it is in EasyUbuntu :SThat is how i did it before i had a re-install for dapper

i have installed, but can't run it, why?

i downloaded realplayer10GOLD.bin, and installed it in /usr/local/real. when i launched it from application, anything didn't happen. so i launched it in console, "core dumped" error happened.why? my sys is Ubuntu 6.10, who can help me? thanks a lot!

realplayer10GOLD installed

    Hyperknux, I am an absolute beginner. I followed you directions but everytime I get "file" not foud, whilst my own eyes see it on the desktop.Please help.Henk Jansen

The RealPlayer install process :D

Okay, here's the down and dirty version: tested on Gutsy ;)

1. Download the RealPlayer11GOLD from to your home directory.
2. Open Terminal (from this point on, you must have admin rights).
3. Type sudo chmod +x RealPlayer11GOLD.bin
4. Type sudo "./RealPlayer11GOLD.bin"
5. Follow prompts. It'll start the installer. Do as it instructs and hit Enter.
6. It'll ask for the install path. Default is fine and hit enter.
7. It'll ask for a confirmation of install path. Press F to Finish the install.
8. It copies files, installs icons, etc. When you get the prompt, it's done.

Congrats! You have just installed RealPlayer 11 on Ubuntu. Easy, huh? ;)
To launch the app, go to Applications > Sound & Video > RealPlayer 11.
If that doesn't work, open Terminal again and type realplay .

Follow setup prompts and RealPlayer should be launched. It may forward a tab in FireFox to say if RealPlayer is up to date or not.

Enjoy! ;) PM if there any problems or if u found it useful. Just tested it and it works for me! ;)

Problem with this

Hi there. I have Ubuntu 7.10 on a PS3, and i am trying to get codecs to work to no avail. Thought i would try Realplayer aswell, done exactly as you have said and still i get error 7: Syntax Error:"(" unexpected Can anyone help AS all i wanted to do was get the codecs working and i have spent almost a day, and getting fed up, will call it quits soon. Thanks in advance Maybe its just not compatable with the PS3 Ubuntu 7.1  RPlayer11 Gold  Mango

I just follow yours

I just follow yours, its look success. The Realplayer icon nice at App>Sound&Video. When click it the popup windows error..."could not launch menu item.Failed to execute child process "realplay" (No such file or directory)". Sorry I am Hardy Heron,anyway waiting any how to fix.Pls more guides.Thx.

thanks but :)

hi i'm one of those new trying-to-be-a-user of Linux :) i have been trying to install Real Player ( and Java though) doing what you told but when i type sudo chmod +x RealPlayer11GOLD.bin command line it says chmod: cannot access `RealPlayer11GOLD.bin': No such file or directory (same for the Java) .Could you please help me solve this?thank you

Try this...

First, you should know were the file is being downloaded. If you are using Firefox as a web browser, go to Preferences, and then see the name of the directory where the files are to be downloaded (for instance: /home/user/Desktop) then, at the terminal window were you want to install RealPlayer type this:
sudo su
(this will give you root privileges)
then type:
cd /home/user/Desktop  (or whatever the directory is, this will change the directory)
then try to do what was recommended, it should work, I think. Then, close the terminal window or type:

thanks but :)

thanks for the reply but this is what it says,ufuk@UFUK:~$ sudo suroot@UFUK:/home/ufuk# cd /home/user/Desktopbash: cd: /home/user/Desktop: No such file or directoryroot@UFUK:/home/ufuk# the file is on the desktop anyway but i can't get them work(by the way the user name means horizon in Turkish. i get many compliments about it :)  )

i guess you typed something wrong

first, sorry for my english.i guess you typed something wrong in the step 4, i think it should be4. Type  "sudo ./RealPlayer11GOLD.bin":-)anyway, it is important to use sudo, or you may get the follow error when you try to launch realplayer from the application menu:"Could not launch menu item Failed to execute child process "realplay" (No such file or directory) "

Some more steps..

I followed the above mentioned steps. it didnt work.. gave the error "failed to execute child process".So  I went inside the "my_home_path"/RealPlayer/postinst and run script. Then it worked.. it also created a desktop icon.

Still it is not working

I got the icon for the Real player, but it showing "Failed to execute child process "real play"(No such file or directory) Please help me


thanks it worked not only for me but for several oyhe people

Hi,I followed the above

  • Hi,
  • I followed the above commands exactly.
  • All the way to step 8, it all seemed to work ok.
  • But then, when I click on the new menu item Applications>Sound And Video>Real Player 11 it comes up with the error message "Failed to execute child process "realplay" (No such file or directory)"
  • If I open a terminal and type "realplay" i get:
  • merlin@merlin-desktop:~$ realplay
  • bash: realplay: command not found
  • merlin@merlin-desktop:~$
  • Please tell me why this is happening, and how I can fix it...
  • thanks for any help!!!
  • :)

Hey, btw, I put the above into bullet points so it would be read more easily. Even though it says in the "formatting guidelines" section just below this window that lines and paragraphs break automatically, they didn't for me, everything just ran together as one long line, making it very hard to read.

Even I got "Failed to

Even I got "Failed to execute child process "realplay error" Here is what I did so that it worked for me.Navigate to realplayer folder ther you will see two file realply and realplay.bin. Rename it to realplayer and realplayer.bin. Open the terminal go to realplayer directory. Execute command ./realplayer.bin. Real Player will be launched.

I have the latest UBUNTU

I have the latest UBUNTU installed 64 bits on my PC. I tried to install RealPlayer11GOLD.bin. I downloaded the file and it is on my Desktop. I made an executable by typing sudo chmod a+x RealPlayer11GOLD.bin but then when I type ./RealPlayer11GOLD.bin, it says "No such file or directory. I have already changed the diretory to Desktop by cd ./Desktop command and when I type ls , I see the RealPlayer11GOLD.bin as one of the files. This file's icon is also a blue color icon. Please help. I have also read many helps on line and it did not help. I read somehwhere that you can not install RealPlayer11GOLD on 64 bit UBUNTU. Is that true?

Thanks man

Hey thanks Mr. TheMacOne. I followed ur instuctions and have successfully installed realplayer11 on my system.

Just for information it works in Ubuntu 8.04.1 LTS desktop edition too :)
Thanks once again Mr. TheMacOne ;)


I followed the instructions but I made sure that the directory opts/real/RealPlayer had its permissions changed from root to me as user. It worked fine. Thank you for this.

I'm new to this whole Linux

I'm new to this whole Linux thing and I just downloaded Ubuntu and tried to install realplayer 11 but had the same problems as some of the other people here. What worked for me was to go into the realplayer file and double click on the realplay icon. This allowed me the proceed with the install. Hope this helps.

Only two less letters...


in a terminal window, run the command:

sudo apt-get install realplay

Note - package is "realplay" not real player.

Hope that helps.

No video on RealPlayer

Thank you very much to TheMacOne! Your instructions worked for me. I am using Ubuntu 8.10, and I recently migrated to it from Fedora 8.

RealPlayer is supposed to play both audios and videos, isn't it? But on both Fedora and now Ubuntu, it plays only audios (including MP3, etc.) and no video. Do I need additional plugins? Why? From the Real website, I think it should be able to support videos without additional plugins.

RealPlayer Installation

I went to the Real Player site,

and selected download for deb and was amazed when it did everything, downloaded RealPlayer 11GOLD.deb, installed and ran. About the easiest install I've ever done, windows, dos, cpm, or linux. What a great job they did. Try it now. Not only does it play mp3's, but it opened and played a shockwave file I had been trying to find a player for when I spotted the Real Player questions.

I sure hope this helps at least some of you.

RealPlayer Installation

Thanks OldBitByter. Pretty simple and straight forward. Worked a treat.

Just to add, go the page as suggested by OldBitByter ( On the bottom right hand side where it says "Download RealPlayer, DO NOT click on that. Below that to the right, click on the "DEB Package". This will download the package for you. Allow the download to complete.

An installer window will open up immediately after the download. Click on install in that window, supply admin password (your password). After a while, a terminal window opens up asking for email configuration. Enter 1 and press enter. More files will be downloaded and installed. You then get the installation completed window. Click on close, and then exit the "package installer..." window.

On your system, click on "Applications", Sound & Video, RealPlayer 11. RealPlayer opens up. Just follow the prompts and you should be fine.

I know that Linux could be daunting at first, but it requires a bit of patience and exploratory mind. Try it and enjoy.

Once again, thanks to OldBitByter for providing this almost Windows-like pointer for us "new converts". I decided to add this detailed instructions for newbies like myself. At times, we require a bit of hand -holding before we find our footing.


After Maketbt it : sudo

After Maketbt it : sudo apt-get install realplayer

Told me:
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information... Done
Package realplayer is not available, but is referred to by another package.
This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or
is only available from another source
E: Package realplayer has no installation candidate

I work with science buntu9.10

Please help me did not take

hello everybody!! can

hello everybody!! can somebody help me too.. i just installed linux and wanted to listen to some music but it wouldnt work... so i found real player.. but now... how to install it? cause i click and it downloads it but then it says: "this application needs to be opened with an application. send to" what should i chose?

as you can see i have no idea about computers.. by the way what is the terminal window.



admin rights

Hi. I am new to linux OS and my question is how have the admin rights.
I can't install the player in /usr/lib - a have no righ

realplayer install terminal type sudo (then drag the bin folder from desktop to terminal) press enter should ask where to install use default on everything homefolder go to realplayer folder open it
4.find executable text file open in window
5.follow wizard

you may have to play with the locations of folders to find it

Worked Great!

Thank you MacOne! I am a newbie to Linux and your instructions were great! I use Ubuntu 9.10........Worked great! Thanks again...

Ran up but no sound!

I installed as above, which worked :-) but the ran it up and tried to play a Ram file that works on Windows, but got no sound despite undoing mute etc. :-( File:

The play bar scrolled across as if playing but no sound came out. And yes, my speakers are working as youtube played music before and after.


This Worked . Very simple and effective. TheMacOne ur a pro!!

Dependency is not satisfiable

when trying to install real player deb package on ubuntu karmic i get dependency error "Dependency is not satisfiable: libasound2 (>> 1.0.22)"

any one know how i solve this issue?

Dependency is not satisfiable

I had the same problem. After being on online tech support for about an hour or two I finally got it to work:

You need to download the .bin file:
(This link didn't work for me at first, but after waiting 15 minutes it did, choose Free download, and know where you are downloading to)

Then do the following commands in Terminal (after navigating to download location):

chmod +x RealPlayer11GOLD.bin

sudo ./RealPlayer11GOLD.bin
(This does the extraction and should popup a graphical installation to complete setup)

Good luck.

Real player

I recommend to use VLC, anyway you can download real player here
linux ubuntu

About installation

HI , Can anyone tell me how to install NOKIA OVI SUITE IN UBUNTU 11.04