How to restore wireless adapter settings?

I am new to Linux. I tried to install ndiswrapper-1.51 to configure my wireless driver as that was not showing initially. Meantime some error has occurred and some files have been changed. I want to go back to the initial state so that I can follow the steps properly without uninstalling Ubuntu. I have Atheros AR5007EG Wireless Network Adapter in my laptop.
If I click my Windows network settings icon it does not open any window.
Please advise me!!


Re: How to restore wireless adapter settings?

What version of Ubuntu did you install? There is a newer version of ndiswrapper-1.51 (at least ndiswrapper-1.52). I have had trouble getting wireless to work on three different systems. I have had better luck with Ubuntu 8.10. When I can use a "wired connection" to my router, I can search ADD/REMOVE (search all software, open-source and proprietazy - you can set this under "System -> Software Source - you don't need the source code or any untested software). You can the search "wireless" and install those packages that look appropriate. You can also do the same under "Sysytem" and "Synaptic Package Manager" for additional packages. Once I had my system updated, then it could make the wireless connection for my Netgear 511G adapter, but NOT for my Netgear 111G adapter (nor the IN220 internal adapter on one of my lap-tops). I don't know if this helps you or not, but maybe someone else will be prompted to correct me if and where I am in error. BTW, I thought I saw something about Atheros Wireless in the ADD/REMOVE section, but won't swear to it. You may also try some of the other forums and blogs if you can't get an answer here.


what files were changed? The wlan card is not showing in network manager? If that's the case, the driver is probably not working. Instead of ndiswrapper, your AR5007EG should be compatible with madwifi drivers. These come stock on newer versions of Ubuntu. Open your System tab-->Administration-->Hardware Drivers. You should see a checkbox beside "HAL" and "Support for Atheros drivers." Uncheck and recheck both boxes. Don't reboot, check network manager and see if your card is there.

Install WICD


I have had the same problems. My suggestion: install wicd. Instructions on how to install wicd:

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