How to start, restart & stop Samba from the command line?

I've just switched from Red Hat to Ubuntu, and I need to know the commands to bring up, restart & stop the samba server.  I want to do this from the command line.  Please help.

Start /etc/init.d/samba

Start /etc/init.d/samba start
Stop /etc/init.d/samab stop
Restart /etc/init.d/samba restart


just about every service you'll need to stop/start/restart is in /etc/init.d/ in debian-based distros.

Leenix, thank you very

Leenix, thank you very much.  Your answer has been extremely helpful.PV

networking Ubuntu and Windows

I have Samba going and have my printer attached to my Ubumtu desktop. I would like to send print print jobs from my windows laptop through the router/dsl attached to the desktop. I have read a lot of suggestions but I do not understand most of them. Could someone try to dummy it down for me? Thanks Robin


I am trying to do and or use this command with a Tech Skills Lab# Techlab N10-004-E08 Unix, Linux, and Mac OS X and it doesn`t seem to have allowed me to complete the lab I think and or didn`t and or doesn`t allow me to complete the Lab completly and or appropriatly being that and or I guess that I am using a and or the Ubuntu6.06 and I may need to update and or a newer version. I don`t know !

getting priniter to print

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Ubuntu can be easily configured to print via CUPS (Common Unix Printing System). If your printer is attached and powered on it should be a simple matter for the system to recognize the device which can then be directly accessed via CUPS. CUPS will take the output of the other programs you use and route it to your printer through that programs print function, e.g. LibreOffice, OpenOffice, etc.

Printing is possible via SAMBA, but that's the long way around the barn.