How to uninstall programs??

How to remove programs?Hi,I'm completely new to Linux, but I have managed to install Ubunto and so far I'm quite impressed. I have installed amaroK (I want to play my mp3 collection), but it will not play my mp3's.Now I want to unsinstall amaroK, but I have no idea at all on how to do it. Is there anybody who can give me a hint?BR,A dreamer

You can remove it using

You can remove it using Synaptic, but amaroK is not your problem.  You need to install the lame package to add MP3 support.  Check out Automatix to help get it and some other key items installed.


  You need to install mpeglib.  Run the following commandapt-get install mpeglibCaptn Kirk


I had some troubles with both Automatix and EasyUbuntu but I think easyUbuntu is possibly better. Just google it, download the script and run it, following the instructions on the website. It'll give you all the codecs you need. I also suggest that if you don't already have it, that you apt-get install amarok-xine as this will give you good playback. Joe