How to use RPM files? Need help please!

Someone please help me, i'm a complete n00b in Linux Ubuntu, and i really need some help installing this program!It's called CROSSOVER , and the file i downloaded was .RPM ! I heard you need to convert them etc because Ubuntu doesn't support RPM files :SI am TOTALLY stuck, so can someone tell me ALL the files i need to download and provide Step-by-step guide on how to "Convert / Install" this i would be FOREVER GRATEFUL! :)All help is useful!


Right after a lot of hard work i got the INSTALLATION to work fine! :)Now how do i USE the program / add it to list in applications? Any help please?

use rpm files

sudo apt-get install alien you can then use alien to convert rpm files to deb files

$ sudo apt-get install

$ sudo apt-get install alien Once thats installed copy the rpm you want to convert to your Home folder (/home/'yourusername'/). Once you have done that...$ sudo alien 'package_file.rpm'Do not include the ' in the package name.Once that is complete...$ sudo dpkg -i 'package_file.deb'Again, Do not include the ' in the package name.To run the application you just installed you will/might have to type the name of theprogram into the terminal. Say I want to install stormwar-0.15.1-1.i386.rpm I would dothis in order.$ sudo apt-get install alien$ sudo sudo alien stormwar-0.15.1-1.i386.rpm$ sudo dpkg -i stormwar-0.15.1-1.i386.debAnd to run it I would do the following.$ stormwarIt all depends on the pakage on the way to execute the App.

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