Hp Compaq nx9420-ubuntu installation problem

Hi, I have Hp Compaq nx9420 laptop. I downloaded  7.04 and built iso-image DVD for installation. Installation starts well but stops with X-server problem message and provides only command prompt (startx won't work).Laptop has 17 inch display 1990X900 resolution.Any advice how to proceed?Have I to give up?Thanks

HP compaq nx9420 installation issue

I am having the exact same problems. I will post if I make any progress.

the problem is that you video card is too new for ubuntu

Hi, your laptop may have an advanced ati or Nvidia video card, making it very hard to work with ubuntu out of the box. My approach would be, install Envy (a little program that will very easily install the right driver for all ati and nvidia video cards)  all you need is to be connected to the internet and to know if your video card is ATI or Nvidia.<br><br>Code<br>sudo apt-get install envy<br><br>type your password (even if you can't see it) and press enter... when is done type<br>Code<br>sudo envy<br>it will show on the screen the Envy interface, type the number that corresponds to your Brand of video card and enter, that is it! restart TA TA.<br><br>Example ( of Envy interface<br><br>1 Install the Nvidia driver<br>2 Uninstall the Nvidia driver<br>3 Install the ATI driver<br>4 Uninstall the ATI driver<br><br>if you have an nvidia card select 1<br>if you have an ati card select 2