I can not install amsn on ubuntu

Hi there everybody. I am very noob on Ubuntu (and Linux at all) and I can not install amsn. I have downloaded this version: amsn_0.95-2_i386.deb. I have written: sudo dpkg -i amsn_0.95-2_i386.deb, but every time I do this, an error msg says: "imlibll is not installed, sox is not installed, docker is not installed" What the heck is this ? And where or how can I install this ? I used to work on Mandrake 10.1 and this .deb thing seems very odd to me. Is there anyone that can help me ? Thanks a lot. Cristiano.biologiaunb

You could try to install it

You could try to install it via synaptic although the version available in the repositories is 0.95.1. The things you are missing you could also use synaptic for installing them (just search on their name).

use apt-get

you need a lot of libs to install amsn normally.by installing it trough synaptic or apt-get it will install itself

  • sudo apt-get update
  • sudo apt-get install amsn

i hoped i helped you out...(add me to your buddylist :) )


thanks for that useful information, ive been struggling tryin to install it the normal way it hasnt beeen working, but using the sudo apt-get install command worked perfect, thanks man u saved me a lot.....im completely new to linux but thanks......OH YEA DOES ANY ONE KNO HOW TO CREATE SHOTCURTS ON DESKTOP FOR PROGRAMS ON LINUX, LETS SAY FOR EXAMPLE CREATING A SHORTCUT FOR VLC PLAYER ON THE DESKTOP, OR KMESS SHORTCUT OR WHATEVER,,,,?/? OH YEA I HAVE UBUNTU 8.10 INSTALLED