I give up!

okay, I'm really at a point of frustration already! about something that SEEMS like it shouldn't even be that difficult! (but i wouldn't know). see I just now starting using Ubuntu today, and getting it up and running was easy! I also love how much faster and convenient it is that windows (startup, viewing windows in tabs, everything is better). but the hardest part so far is finding out how in the world to detect my modem! it is an AOpen FM56-PX modem. i've done as much searching as my fingers can handle before tiring out, to figure out how to detect it. all that I get (I mean ALL!) is links to software packages that I supposedly need to download, which give me an error saying the package is dependent on another one (or something to that point). it's started to seem like a never ending cycle, so I stopped downloading them over and over. my main question is: would it save time and cut out all of this frustration to just go and buy a modem that will detect? and which modem model would that be, does anyone know? thank you for any advice you can give me, because I sure am lost!

modem woes

  • >would it save time and cut out all of this frustration to just go and buy a modem that will detect?

My modem days go back a few decades, and I'll admit I have trashed more than one old modem on occasions where I just couldn't get it to cooperate with software.  Sure, supposedly being "Hayes compatible" would solve compatibility issues.  But sometimes software and hardware don't speak the same language. I'll exchange frustration for money any day.Assuming this is an internal modem card, I would suggest you get a name brand like US Robotics.  They did well for me.  DO NOT get anything with "win" in the name.  Winmodems usually lean on the computer to do some of the processing, so they don't perform as well.  If it's a laptop, then your choices are terribly limited.Try to buy your modem where you can easily return it.  On the other hand, maybe  you are talking about a DSL modem.  Even so, some of what I said is still valid.  Buy it where it can be returned.  Saving a couple dollars buying online doesn't make sense if the return costs twenty bucks.


well, i'm still in modem days, lol. thats because i use a dial-up connection though. and yeah, in my never-ending search, I read up on using winmodems with linux (or attempting to). from what I read, they were impossible to detect, if my memory serves me correctly. but I'm using a desktop not laptop pc. so enough babbling, if I go and purchase a US robotics modem, it will detect in Linux, and I'll be able to access the internet? or now that we've established that I only have a dial-up connection, should I invest in some other brand name? my main ffrustration comes from switching between Windows XP and Linux countless times, to sit and wait for files to download that don't even help fix my problem. by the way, if this is of importance, the distro I use is Ubuntu.

Your modem frustration

Happybunny, I understand your frustration.  I always found that external serial modems worked well with Linux of all flavors.  If your computer has an RS-232 port and you can buy from Newegg in the United States, you might consider their Trendnet TFM-560X external.  Cost is minimal at $25 plus shipping.  I've not used this modem myself, but I have generally had good luck with Trendnet products.  You can read the reviews on the Newegg site for this product.  Others are successfully using it with Ubuntu.  But as I've said, eternal serial modems will work with just about any flavor of Linux.  Of course, after you get things working, you will tie up your modem for hours (if not days) just trying to install all the updates.  I hope this gives you a viable option for your connection issues.

only one thing stopping me from surfing now

After an extensive search, I found the drivers for my modem, Conexant CX06834-11 HCF by Aopen. I know they were the right drivers, because (1) they matched the ones I read to download for my particular model exactly, and (2) they were the only ones that would even begin to install, so that told me I was doing something right. so after installing them with the package manager, I tried to connect, and all that would happen was the modem kept repeatedly making the noise it normally does when it begins to connect in Windows. then I remembered that since I installed the drivers, I hadn't restarted yet, and I thought that may be why I'm not able to connect. so when I restart there is a message on the loading screen of Ubuntu I never have seen before (completely forgot what it said though). something about a driver, so I'm figuring it was about the new driver I installed. then after the restart, the same thing would happen, and I could never connect.<BR>I believe I will look into the Trendnet serial modem, because I do have an RS-232, fortunately. I would much rather use a modem that is giving others no problems, and is, as you say, universal with about any Linux distro.<BR>one question: the serial modem is a dial-up modem as well? I came to that conclusion by you stating that it would tie up my modem downloading updates. hours don't sound so bad, as I have left my connection on and gone to take care of other business while the download finishes, but days sound terrifying. :-O

Never give up....

Hello everyone, this post is being made from Linux!!!!!!!! I bought a laptop and installed Ubuntu on it, and i'm loving it!!!! :) :) I didn't even perform a dual-boot, windows is completely gone! haha....one question I have is, why are youtube videos so slow? they seem to play kinda "choppy" if you know what I mean. could just be this computer though, it's a dell, so go figure....