I love Ubuntu

I don't feel like turning back either. (to M$)I love it because:

  1. Wine allows me to play windows apps anyway
  2. Wireless Keyboard battery indicator
  3. Easy to install alot of different packages
  4. It's the only operating system I can *legally* install. (I dont bother messing with buying windows xp)
  5. Live CD/Install combo- I liked being able to use the operating system before it even started installing!
  6. Has software I been using anyway: I always have been using FOSS software on Windows anyway (Firefox, Gaim, Gimp, Open Office.. etc)
  7. My parents are happy with it
  8. Easy ubuntu made it easy to install support for apple and m$ formats as well as flash and java.
  9. Bash is very amazing at what It can do!

Slightly misleading

3 - Easy to install software in Fedora, openSUSE, Xandros. Easy install isnt just with ubuntu.4 - The only distro you can legally install without buying ?? You need to redo this. Theres over 300 linux flavours, and nearly all of them are FREE to legally install.6 - All basically have the same software you can use.8 - Easy Ubuntu for flash and java ? Im a newbie, less than a year, but I can install them easily from the command line. Im not the brightest bulb in the pack, but Im faster than doing it via synaptic etc.Maybe you should have changed the title to "Why I love the Ubuntu Linux Distro" and not made out that its the only one that can do what you've listed. Linux is NOT Ubuntu.

I love Ubuntu

Like you I came to ubuntu Linux because I had given up on Microsoft Windows and decided to format my harddrive and install Ubuntu 10.10 which got upgraded to Ubuntu 12.04lts which is the best version yet.
One little problem is that shockwave doesn't seem to be availible for Ubuntu 12.04lts and was wondering if downloading and installing the OSX version of Shockwave for the Apple Macintosh if I am not mistaken OSX is just another flavour of Linux well very expensive not free but it is stable like linux if this is possible then you can have shockwave for Ubuntu 12.04lts. sorry administrator for going off subject but I cannot find anywhere on the forum for this as it seems to have been resolved but I don't think satisfactorly.