I need help upgrading ubuntu without a direct connection to the internet.

My desktop running Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy Eft doesn't have a connection to the internet and I need to install a critical upgrade. I have a laptop set up in it's dock net to it and it is running Windows XP Pro and I do have a wireless connection with internet access with that and I also have a 1GB flash I've been using to transfer files. Is there anyway I can upgrade using this setup?

That depends. What do you

That depends. What do you mean by "need to install a critical upgrade"? Is it a specific package or set of packages? Or do you want to upgrade to Feisty Fawn? If it's the latter it is maybe easier to download the latest ISO and mount that under Edgy. You will be asked to add the ISO to your repositories and continue from there. But, more is needed to give better advice.