I need reassurance

Hey, i just got my Ubuntu disk through the post today and i need some help, All i am worried about is installing drivers and playing my favorite games!!!! will the driver disks i get with my componants install, or is theree a website with drivers for lots of hardware? (i feel like a big noob asking this but jus need to know)Thank you so much and any reply will be helpful and i hope i posted in the correct place!!cosstick

You have made a very general

You have made a very general comment here, cosstick. There is in fact a very greatly supported hardware base for ubuntu and all linux distros, but nothing is guaranteed. The most annoying hardware to find drivers for is typically things such as winmodems, printers, and that sort of peripheral. I suggest you do a complete inventory of your system hardware and then search the net for hardware support information. As for the games, many windows games will not run under linux unless you install wine or some other sort of emulator software. VMWARE and Wine are the best at this. Once again you should just do some research and see what should work and what won't!Hope this helps,ruz322