I need to power-down the screen from the command line.

I'm running Feisty 7.04 Server(no GUI) on a G4 Powerbook (15" Titanium) as the sole OS.   I'm administering it with SSH from a WindowsXP machine so I don't need/want the screen live on the Tit.   Admittedly, the screen does go blank after a while, but it's still illuminated.   How can I power it down completely from the command line?  I've seen reference to 'xset' and 'DPMS',  but I think they are only for X11, aren't they?  I hope this is less painful than my Yellow Pig experience.

typical command would be>

typical command would be> shutdown -h now. Must use sudo or be root

Blanking the Server display on a Laptop

That command would "halt" the server. I believe he's asking if it's possible to "lock" the Ubuntu machine.

Solution: when the server boots, don't login fr the keyboard. SSH Server will have already started on boot, so just SSH in fr your Windows computer.

Although I'm not fluent in Mac systems, is there a BIOS-like feature that has some sort of energy saving/monitor blanking/ACPI?