I really need to install ssh on ubuntu

Hello ! One more thing: How can I install this ssh source ? I have done a back up by a ssh in my older Mandrake 10.1, althought it was not me that have installed. I am trying to access this Ubuntu machine from a Windows XP ssh and it is not working. What do I have to do ? Thank you everyone. Cristiano.biologiaunb.


If you want to access another computer you can do it as long as you have a an X-client for windows. I currently use a client called Exceed but I don't know the commercial availability or cost of this program. This allows you to run a bash script shell in windows which runs another computer via ssh.  Alternatively just use any ssh client just to move files but you may have trouble running anything as it won't be configured. For this you can use some freeware like openssh.  Good luck

Another Possiblity

I'm not sure but I thought this person was asking about logging in via ssh from the windows computer to the ubuntu computer via ssh.  In which case he just needs to "apt-get install openssh-server" This will install the openssh server and allow remote logins via an ssh client like putty. Could be that I'm misunderstanding the question, but I thought that's what they needed, so I'ld post it.-Ben