I'm shock not even one artical / guide

Hi .. First I like to say I am a newbie with this type of open source OS Linux and I have in the last 3 weeks read alot about how to do this and that , I have read other members posts as well , I do have to say I really like this OS , I am getting addicted to it , Within these 3 weeks I have learn alot and there is so much more to go , Though within this time I learn its best to have a couple of partition to be set up , One for swap , one for the /home , one just to keep blank/spare empty for future upgrades and lastly the OS itself , Now this is the part I am shock at , I couldn't find no where yet as to how to configure the set up for the hard drive to do such , WHY NOT ? I am trying to locate any type of data that would explain how to configure the hard drive for these partition , And this is only going to have Ubuntu OS on the hard drive , No other OS , Am I wrong here ? Shouldn't the very first lesson with any OS is how to set up the hard drive correctly ? Please if there is any data or whatever that explain how its done , PLEASE provide this info , I am going nuts here trying to understand how its done , Thanks


I think your immediate partitioning problem is most easily addressed by letting Ubuntu format and install the drive. When I installed RedHat 5.2 I struggled with the same questions you have raised, but since all of your partitions will be on the same drive, and since the size of the /swap partition is optimized for the size of the memory in your computer, these days I just let Ubuntu do its thing. If you let the install disk format and partition, then you get a "swap" partition and a "/" partition for everything else.

The only reason to partition the disk otherwise is 1) it might be easier to preserve user files if you install a new distribution when your /home is on another partition and 2) if you want to run two operating systems on the same machine you need to manually partition to leave space for the other OS.

Soooo, if this is a single-user machine, you are probbaly best to just use the entire disk and not bother with all of the details.

As for your specific request for installation support sites, if you Google "+Ubuntu +install +partition" I think you will find answers.

Good luck with Ubuntu. I use it myself.