ubuntu 10.01 wont accept password

i am running Ubuntu 10.1 and can log in without entering a password but when the keyring comes up it wont accept my password is their anyway to beset it as i have multiple operating systems and their is no recovery console for Ubuntu 10.01


I'm not sure what you mean when you say "when the keyring comes up".

If you mean the Terminal, as a security measure - in case somebody is looking over your shoulder- the Terminal does not show your password. You just type your password (nothing will appear) and you hit enter.

Otherwise, what are you trying to do and how are you doing it?

ubuntu 10.1

if i use terminal i am also asked for a password which is not accepted.
but the problem i am encountering is when i enter the ssid to connect to the net i am asked for a keyring password which is rejected, i can then press cancel and can connect to the net but i have to renew the ssid every time i log into my account