Inspiron 6000

I was so happy with Breezy on my desktop I thought I'd try my Dell Inspiron 6000 on my wireless G network. All went happily with the install. Power settings, sound, graphics all perfect. The hitch came when I tried to setup my wireless connection and my Broadcom based Dell 1370 mini-pci was not recognized. I have made several attempts to get NSISWrapper to work without success. I'm not losing faith however. I'm so new I just need more time to fine tune this and I'm sure it will work, everyone on the forums writes of success.
Another problem is DVD playback; movies. I will try Mplayer and see if that solves my problem. I'd appreciate any feedback on my wireless and DVD problems. Enjoying Ubuntu Breezy Badger immensely!


DVD issue

Firstly, a warm welcome to this site :)

Regarding your DVD problem: I'm using VLC (VideoLANClient) as my favourite media player application. It has built in codecs for nearly everything (DivX, Xvid, MP3, MPEG, etc.), so you don't have to install them manually.

I have written a short manual how to install VLC. It's very simple. I have, whatsoever, no experience with the NSISWrapper.

VLC (VideoLANClient)

Thanks to MikeTT my DVD problems were easily solved. I had jerky playback and had to enable dma on my dvd drive which is covered in the Ubuntu guide. Now DVD playback is smooth and works great! Thanks Mike!

Noob question

I have the same card (1370 Mini) in my b120.  Does anyone know how to enable this card to function?  Being a total Linux Noob, I could use the help.Thanks,Skurge

Dell Inspiron WIFI

To find out how to install wifi on dell inspiron 6000 see