Install app don't run

Hello everybody, I am new with Ubuntu, I used to work with Fedora and Knoppix, I know taht ubuntu is some similar to Knoppix so I tried it. I have a HP nx9010 laptop.I boot from Live CD 6.10, it takes some time but finaly the desktop appears. Then I tried the Install icon on the desktop, the CD tray started to work, and it went for two hours until nothing happened, no other window nor screen appeared, display was frizzed and the CD-ROM was not being read at all. I had to manually reset. Then I tried to install from the System menu, the same problem, it went a couple of hours reading CD-ROM and then nothing. I had to say taht I had Mandrake 10, Redhat 9, Fedora Core 2 and 5 and Knoppix installed on that laptop, so I know it can handle linux.Thanks for the advice

Install App does not run

I am having the same problem....  I am trying to install on an AMD +2400 with 256 Ram....I know Redhat and suse 10.0 and windoz xp and server 2000 work fine......any help would be greatly appreciatedThanks

Install app does not run

Did you check if there is something on the harddisk after you rebooted?(is your disk partitioned by ubuntu? Is there data on a partition?) If there is nothing on the harddisk: How empty is your disk when you start? (is it unformatted? partitioned? ) I have seen problems with an unpartitioned disk, but I can't remember if that was linux or windows, probably windows ;-) hth


 I had the same problem:Do you have the standard 256MB RAM?If so, then change the amount allocated to the video in the BIOS to the minumum.  This did the trick for me.  You can change back once the install is complete.